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Blessed Black Wings

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  • Album number three from this excellent stoner/doom/thrash outfit, building on their previous powerhouse outings of 2000’s ‘The Art of Self Defense’ and 2002’s ‘Surrounded by Thieves’ respectively. For the uninitiated, HOF play a noisy mix of Black Sabbath and Clutch, full of incredible riffs and thunderous drumming. Never one to refine their recordings, HOF has an almost punk-like quality to their approach to music if not the sound alone. Formed by ex-Sleep guitarist Matt Pike, HOF is one of those rare bands that nearly everyone of most metal genre can appreciate – no mean feat either. Yet, it’s easy to see why; ‘Blessed Black Wings’ literally destroys, folks. Plain and simply, it’s as heavy as a pregnant elephant wearing steel-toe construction boots. Opting for famed producer Steve Albini this time round (the band used Billy Anderson for both long-plays) the sound of BBW is just massive – opener ‘Devilution’ builds from a tribal call-to-arms thumping courtesy of drummer Des Kensel, with cymbals and snares being literally whacked out of it – does anyone hit the drums harder than this guy? The title track sounds as if it belongs on something from the 70’s, whilst album highlight ‘Anointing of Seer’ is the best track of its like it’s been my pleasure to hear. Guitar solos are riotous, distorted affairs, the bass playing of Joe Preston chugging in the background, giving you the impression that this album was recorded live and in one take. Already selling by the bucket-load (and rightly so too) you are going to hear a lot from High on Fire. Highly recommended.

    Posted on December 2, 2009