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Blessed Black Wings

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  • I got to see High on Fire about a month before they even released this and I hadn’t had any prep for what the new material was gonna sound like. They were the loudest and most technical bands I have ever seen perform (not what I expected), and when I saw Joe Preston playing bass I was even more confused. I was excited to see both of my favorite stoner rock musicians on the same stage, but what I heard wasn’t stoner. What I heard off completely transended any genre of metal known to me. Although it was incredibly massive, the groove that is heard on the two earlier cds is missing and it totally removed itself from my stoner metal category (which isn’t a bad thing). Now High on Fire is faster, heavier and more of a threat to the music world than ever. I still think they should have stuck with Billy Anderson for their engineer. I don’t really like the way Steve Albini records drums, but Dez Kensel can pretty much hold his own on any recording.

    Posted on December 2, 2009