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Blessed Black Wings

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  • Hmmm, where to start. As the first reviewer of the CD, I just want to say this album SLAYS. I don’t know how they do it, but this band really keeps getting better and better. They seem to build on themselves, evolve, progress, yet still manage to have this unmistakable sound that is High On Fire.
    I’m not the hugest metalhead in anyways whatsoever. My metal collection is pretty poor, but I am a rabid music fan in general, and definte fan of good heavy music.
    High on Fire somehow takes the elements of metal and rock and make the best of them without sounding cliched and old. What initally sparked me on this band was their HUGE groove that their songs have. It’s so hard to just sit there listening without banging your head with this massive groove they have.

    That said, this new album of theirs is a must buy for any fans of metal, and an eyeopener for all rock fans.
    The opening track starts off heavy and fast. A new side of this band. Good song, but for me, it all starts once song # 2 comes in, ‘Face of Oblivion’. Holy @#$@. When I first heard this song, my jaw dropped. Starts off sludgy, then ends up as an epic metal rock song. From there, the whole rest of the album is pretty much instant classic material.
    I believe that 2005 is gonna be a breakthrough yr for this band in the metal world. They deserve every praise they get and I’d love to see this band get the respect they deserve.
    As for the production of this album, it’s perfect. This time they got Steve Albini to record it, and he nails them down perfect. Compared to their last album ‘Surrounded By Thieves’, the sound is clearer, crisper, yet still retains a thick as hell sound that is so deadly. I think that this sound is perfect for this album, just as I think that the muddy and dusty sound on SBT was perfect for that album. You can really hear the intricate guitar work on this album that wouldn’t work as well with SBT production.
    If you are new to this band, I’d say this album is a great intro to this band. Keep in mind though, as one-sided as this band may be (their sole intent is to crush), each album is different from the next, and I can only wonder what their next album will sound like.

    Posted on December 2, 2009