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Blessing in Disguise

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  • Metal Church was one of the most intelligent and underrated metal bands of the 1980s/early 1990s. The music on Blessing in Disguise is complex with scorching guitars and thought-provoking lyrics. The title is very appropriate as in many of the tracks the band explores the dark sides of people and things thought to be a benefit to society. The single “Fake Healer” is about a doctor more interested in making money than saving lives “You sickly and decrepit ones keep my yacht safe on the pier.” “Rest in Pieces (April 15, 1912)” is, of course, about the “unsinkable” Titanic. This track was released only about three years after Dr. Robert Ballard discovered the elusive ship. The lyrics are historically accurate: “Sinking faster, every light ablaze, Machinery, engines crashing to the bow, Arching vertical, stern points to the sky, the great ship fractures.” “Cannot Tell a Lie” is a cynical view of politicians with some anti-Reagan sentiment: “No trades for arms for hostages no star wars s*** for me.” Almost every track here is an epic of well over 5 minutes. The best tracks are the 7:21 “Badlands” and the 9:31 “Anthem to the Estranged.” Both are beautiful tracks. The former has an incredibly catchy chorus (but in no way commercial) and the latter is one of the best metal tracks I’ve ever heard. Mike Howe’s vocals are off the Richter. He is an amazing singer. The musicianship here is stellar. Any fan of metal with substance should check out Metal Church. Blessing in Disguise was their best album followed by 1991’s Human Factor.

    Posted on December 5, 2009