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Blessing in Disguise

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  • I first bought the cassette of Metal Church’s “Blessing in Disguise” in 1990 when I was in Jr. High. A neigborhood bully beat me up & stole it. Just last month, I bought the album again on CD & I am still amazed at its timelessness. From the first to last song, “Blessing in Disguise” is a great sample of what heavy metal should be. In my personal collection of over 400 metal/rock CD’s, I rank it as a standard by which to judge others.The lyrical content is still serious like Metal Church’s previous efforts, but it’s a little more realistic (no more “Merciless Onslaught”, “Gods of Wrath”, or “Battallions”). Songs center mostly around social and historical issues like “Fake Healer”, “Rest in Pieces (April 15, 1912)”, and “Anthem to the Estranged”. Also, Mike Howe more than adequately replaces David Wayne. As a matter of fact, I prefer Howe’s melodic touches to Wayne’s abraisive Accept-like screeches. I love the arena-like sound that Terry Date gave the album (similar to Bob Rock’s work on The Cult’s “Sonic Temple”). One can hear its effects in the echoes of Howe’s voice and Kirk Arington’s doom-booming drums.My favorite tracks are “Rest in Pieces”, “Badlands”, the instrumental “It’s a Secret”, & the closer “The Powers that Be” – a really positive ending to the album.The only real drawback is that the album cover is a bit bland and unoriginal, but in this case, definitely don’t judge an album by its cover.This is a “must-have” for any serious metal collector.

    Posted on December 5, 2009