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Blessing in Disguise

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  • Everyone seems to adore Metal Churches first albums and put the rest down. Well I am here to set the record straight. This is not only Metal Churches best album it is also one of the best Thrash/Speed albums ever released. It starts out with “Fake Healer”, the vocals are just outstanding, I promise you, one listen to this track and you will be blown away. To me this album sounds like Iron Maiden on speed. The vocals are high, just like Bruce Dickinsons, and the melodies of the guitars are something Maiden would do if they played Thrash. “Anthem to the Estranged” is a long song, that starts out acoustically and then sheds its skin to become a huge loud rocker. Its a beautifull song. Then there is the song that got me into this album “Badlands” The video is killer and the whole theme is just so damn cool. “I know these are the badlands, somehow Ill find my way”…The last song is “Powers that be”, this track shows Metal Church doing what they do best..leaving you with a ear damage of how heavy it is..Get this album if you consider yourself a Metalhead.

    Posted on December 6, 2009