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  • This album *is* critical to the history of C.O.C. in that is has pivotal bass player Phil Swisher (former Guitar Player for Bloodbath, Unicef, and A Number of Things; also former Guitar player for No Labels [ as a replacement for Ricky Hicks who left the band to sell soap for AMWAY of all things ]. Blind represents a pivotal period of Corrosion of Conformity. Your history is pretty much true to the evolution of C.O.C. You’re aware, of course, the “EyE for an EyE” wasn’t there first released recording. It was actually their fourth recording. Their third recording was a compilation EP called “WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?” that also included area bands like “BloodMobile” from Statesville NC. Their second release came out exclusively on cassette tape and it was called “NO CORE.” “NO CORE” also included area bands like No Labels and COLCOR. Their first recording (on which the lead singer was a nerdy african-american magnet school student by the name of Garrick Francis). Garrick predates Benji and was (i’m pretty sure) the first lead singer for the band. The only public shows that Garrick actually did, that I’m aware of, took place on Turner Street. This recording was released as a 45 (EP) with 6 very short songs on it. It was typical thrash. This EP was called “Mommy” and only a very few were actually released. I’m sure that anyone owning a copy of “Mommy” is guarding it with his life because it is worth a pretty penny. BTW: in terms of the evolution of things. Before Reed Mullin was kicked out of the band it was rumored that he wanted to release an album that was a successor to “Eye for an Eye” that would be called “We’ve got an Eye fot the Aye-Aye (Daubentonia madagascariensis). The proceeds were going to go to the primate conservation center at Duke University. The rest of band never really shared Reed’s political convictions and they figured that he had just gone too far with this idea. It’s too bad really. This is unstantiated to take it with a grain of salt.

    Posted on March 4, 2010