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Blood Mountain

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  • That’s right…I had to write this review from the hospital. Let me recap my situation…I walked out of my local record shop with Blood Mountain CD in hand. Stomping to my rig to let the disc rip. The Wolf is Loose (first track) starts up and I’m hit with some raw dog drumming. Vocals break through as a lumberjack hacking into a tree base. Amazing. At the 2 minute mark Mastodon breaks off some funky axe riffs and that’s when I absoultely lost it. My neck began to violently jerk around and my head was in full bang mode. At some point my head hit the steering wheel, I see black and wake up in the hospital. The doctor asked me what I remembered last…I paused for about 15 seconds and screamed…”I was on Blood Mountain baby!!!!!!”.

    Get this album.

    Posted on January 9, 2010