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  • I would like to say this album is not a bad album. There are a few songs that stick out, but Blooddrunk is bodom’s weakest album yet. I love the thrashy side of bodom, but they completely abandoned their neo-classical/metal sound on this album. Something about it feels empty. All the previous bodom albums i’ve played over and over after my first listen, but no songs really grab me on this album.
    Now on the good side the guitar and keyboard work is amazing on this album. some of the best solos and harmonies bodom has done, but thats all that really stuck out to me is the solos. The songs also have to be catchy and strong! this is a very good metal album, and if this was a new band i’d give it 4 stars, but fact is this is children of bodom, and they are missing something on here IMO. well its worth a listen, but as a bodom fan i’ll stick to hate crew and follow the reaper….

    Posted on November 12, 2009