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  • This album is excellent. It’s short, but packed with amazing riffs and fascinating solos and melodies. It’s certainly different from other releases, but I enjoy the new stuff they’ve done here. There are riffs and solos which stand out clean like on a power metal CD, then sort of trashy, rougher sounding melodies in other parts on the same song. I do miss the neo-classical shredding from Hatebreeder and Something Wild. I also miss the blast beat drumming. However, something from the earlier albums which seems to have made a strong return is the more free-flowing songs. So in other words, the beginning and end of the songs don’t tie in an relate to each other all the time. This way the songs are less predictable and keep me curious and listening for more surprises. I’m really impressed with COB for having a slightly different sound on this album, trying a few new things, throwing in some old, proven elements, and making a product this is really great!

    Posted on November 12, 2009