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Blue-Sky Research

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  • GEEZ!! When will people stop bashing on bands who change up thier style of playing a little. If Di Vinci painted another painting of the Mona Lisa would anybody care? of course not! Its no longer original. Its the same with music, also an art. As bads(respectable ones) grow older their music matures and adds sophistication while still keeping their signature style, especially alt(not nu)-metal. They are artists, not musical xerox machines. If you look at legendary bands that most new bands idolize, you’ll find that their music changed alot from album to album. Blue sky research had some very well written and deep songs all around both instrumentally and especially vocally. Even right off the bat with I will not fall for you(their most beautiful song yet), which is where they lost most of you idiots who dont know what real music is, the vocals and music were smooth as silk. I couldnt believe their new found sophistication when i heard it. They kept it coming the whole album most notably with calling and whats left. For those who appreciate great music buy this album immediately. For the rest of you who bashed this album, keep walking over to the pop section and buy a Good Charlotte or Green Day album. Dont worry, they’re as cookie cutter as it gets. Shame on you!

    Posted on February 5, 2010