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Blues for the Red Sun

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  • There is little written about Kyuss. They truly were a band ahead of their time. While the grudge scene was at full swing, this record slipped through the cracks of the music scene and entered only into the minds of those who sought for music beyond what was being handed to them by MTV. Blues for the Red Sun is a testament to one of the most underappreciated bands on Earth. The power and feeling of the opening song captures perfectly the sentiment of the whole album: Loud crunching guitars, soothing arrangements, blistering bass and powerful vocals. It was like nothing ever done before, or, dare I say, since.

    Black Sabbath influences are evident, but to write them off as ripoffs is a gross understatement. Kyuss’s second album is a great record because it pulls you in and never lets you go. Even the short instrumentals are worthy of a listen. This is also a great introductory stoner rock album, although that title is misleading. The stoner title refers to just how much this album sucks you in and leaves your senses altered, just like a drug.

    Seriously, Blues for the Red Sun is great because it has great songs paced evenly throughout the album. Check out the cuts, “Thumb”, “50 Million Year Trip”, “Allen’s Wrench” and “Freedom Run”. Afterwards you may question whether you go back to listening to what you were before. By far, one of the best albums of the 90’s.

    Posted on February 11, 2010