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Blues for the Red Sun

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  • Kyuss is a band that I have been aware of for quite some time, but never even gave them a chance until I bought this. I would always read about them when reading about similar artists to my favorite bands like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and other early alternative bands. And of course like almost everyone else, I also heard about them through the truly genious band that is Queens of the Stone Age. I thought that QOTSA had a great sound unlike anyone else, until I learned that Kyuss was basically QOTSA before there was such thing as QOTSA. With my new knowledge I researched them and found out that this was their best album and bought it as soon as I could find it. I didnt really know what to expect, but it certainly beat out my biggest expectations. The thing that hit me the hardest was the originality of it. Nowadays its so difficult to be original because almost everything has been done, but this is an exceptionally awsome and original sound. Josh Homme’s guitar can best be described as thunderous. That would be the best adjective to describe what you get with an ultra deep tuned guitar played through a bass amp. And as a testiment to both Kyuss’s and Queens of the Stone Age’s greatness, Nick Oliveri is the perfect rythmic sidekick for Josh. His playing is great and powerful. Put aside the musicianship and the songwriting alone is worth anyone owning this album. I’m not too sure where this review is going, there is too much to praise for this album, I could keep going for days. I guess my best advice for anyone who has actually taken the time to read this far is to buy this album as soon as you can find it (its not exactly in high demand, so not every store has it) or just use the wonderful services of amazon. One more thing: they call it stoner rock for a reason… Listen to it stoned!

    Posted on February 11, 2010