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Board Up the House

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  • I pre-ordered this CD and have been loving it every since it came out. It shows a fair amount of maturity over GT’s previous efforts. The boys have found a way to give coherence to the chaos, and rather than that being a bad thing, it comes out sounding like they’ve hit their stride. This album sounds smart, layered and finished.

    In my opinion, this album sounds more ‘heavy metal’ than their previous efforts. There are moments on the cd that sound like a garden variety metal band. Thankfully these moments don’t last more than a few seconds, and it generally adds to the ‘thickness’ of the sound rather than sounding generic. I think this mostly comes from the new drum sound (Drumkit From Hell, maybe?) and the new guitar amp. Take that as you will, but either way I think this album has cemented GT’s place as America’s greatest band and puts them among the most important groups of artists working in any media. Support these guys. I don’t give 5 star reviews very often.

    Posted on January 13, 2010