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Boggy Depot

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  • Jerry Cantrell, while not recording for Alice In Chains(wouldnt again for another year being the last time the band got together) explored his own personal musical talent and recorded Boggy Depot. So many people listen to this CD expecting an Alice in chains replica, Jerry Cantrell is not and does not intend to sound like AIC. Did Mad Season sound like Alice In Chains? of course not, then why would or should this? Repetition in bands or artists is the death of them. Boggy Depot is drastically different from Alice In Chains, but is still a phenominal album. Jerry Cantrell expresses his talent and musical interests so wonderfully and powerfully on this record it succeeds on multiple levels. Even Though this is not an Alice In Chains replica, most AIC fans should buy this, it really shows jerry cantrell in ways alice in chains records couldnt. overall a great cd. Highly reccomended.

    Posted on March 12, 2010