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Boggy Depot

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  • When I first bought Boggy Depot, I didn’t like it because I was expecting Alice in Chains. I didn’t listen to it for a while, then one day I decided to sit down and give it another chance. I listened to the album quite a few times, listening to different instruments each time. I especially like the songs “Jesushands”, “Settling Down” and “Keeps the Light on”. The vocal effects on “Breaks my Back” were interesting, and the more I listened into the layers of guitars and vocals, the more I appreciated this album. It goes without saying that the drummer is good (Sean Kinney) and the bass playing on the album is also excellent. I find the way Cantrell constructs a song to be as interesting as Kate Bush or Pink Floyd, and the record should not sound like AiC, because it is not AiC (which is my favorite band of the 90’s). It’s a Cantrell record. Cantrell has alot of talent as a songwriter and musician. I hope he makes another record.

    Posted on March 13, 2010