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  • This album is awesome. It is one of a kind and has a very bold and confident style, especially for being Jerry’s first on his own. Many of the songs focus on relationships and I’ve found are easy to relate to. I especially like “Breaks My Back”. The song initially was too trippy for me and I didn’t care for it, but once I sat and found the pain and sadness that was coated throughout the lyrics I fell in love with song. “Settling Down” and “Between” are also quality songs outside of the obviously popular songs “Cut You In” and “My Song” which most everyone has heard. As a whole the CD isn’t one that you can sit down and instantly love if you’ve never heard it offhand before. It takes a couple times of concentrated listening to start appreciating it, and then you’ll love the whole album and won’t be able to stop listening to it. Definate recommendation!!!!

    Posted on March 13, 2010