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Bon Jovi

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  • Most of us know that groups come, and groups go. While this is not Bon Jovi’s best record, it to some extent shows why Bon Jovi is still here to tell his tale over 20 years later. Some people who don’t like him say that Bon Jovi is commercial oriented. I’ll admit that is true to some extent. But the real reason he is still here to tell the tale over 20 years later is because the man CAN write songs; he CAN sing; and he DOES put honest work and effort into his records. While Bon Jovi would get heavier and more intense (at least for awhile), the fact that this record has only a moderate intensity shows that he DOES have musical abilities, and he DOES NOT need to hind under excess noise. The 1st half of the record has a sad (but energetic) tone. ‘Runaway’ is a catchy opener. ‘Roulette’ demonstrates some of guitarist Richie Sambora’s talent, and almost carries a haunting tone. ‘She Don’t Know Me’ releases the tension for a moment; ‘Shot Through the Heart’ and ‘Love Lies’ may sound clicheish, but somehow Bon Jovi is able to break the odds and restore the tone of these songs to ‘pre cliche’ levels. ‘Breakout’ changes the tone of the record to a more upbeat level. ‘Burning For Love’ and ‘Come Back’ continue this path, and ‘Get Ready’ ends the record on a happy note. It is interesting that while the record starts on a sad note, Bon Jovi is able to change the tone without seeming abrupt. Again, while this may not be his best record, it demonstrates his abilities quite well and explains why he is still here over 20 years later.

    Posted on January 13, 2010