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Bonded by Blood

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  • This is the best thrash album ever made. Listen to Paul Baloff’s awesome screaming voice! The guitars shred and contain thick jams like you’ve never heard before. This is coolness the way you’ve always dreamed about!! Awesome lyrics; not too deep, not too shallow, mildly satanic, funny (as in Deliver Us TO Evil), and cool. Paul really only gave us one studio album. But man did he deliver. You’ll love this album. It’s a timeless thrash classic that broke all the expectations of thrash. I mean when this album was released thrash was just getting started. True, Slayer was around, but the musicianship in slayer’s old recordings don’t even come close to this!!If you buy this album, you won’t be disapointed….If you are, your a tard!!

    Posted on March 17, 2010