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Bonded by Blood

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  • There are very few albums out there that can match the intensity of this album. Exodus are legends in the THRASH genre and this is where it all started. If you are new to EXODUS or just discovered them due to “Tempo of The Damned (2004)” or “Shovel Headed Kill Machine (2005)” then this is the next album you need to pick up. If you are just looking on where to introduce yourself to EXODUS, then you need to start here! Bonded By Blood was recorded in 1984 and took nearly a year to release due to red tape. I believe if this had been released in 1984 as intended, EXODUS would have gained much more respect from the metal community. Now to the music.

    Bonded By Blood starts off with the title track. The riffs are crazy and heavy and very memorable. Paul Baloff (original vocalist) sounds more pissed off and violent than anything that came before this album with the exception of Slayer’s “Show No Mercy.” The riffs are full and chunky which will want to make you snap your neck banging! While I won’t spoil the album for you by describing every track, I will say that the following are the stand out tracks: “And Then There Were None” which is a mid-paced song with vocals that are all over the place. This song is probably the most memorable and catchiest on the album. Then there is “Lesson in Violence” which is a song that is full of piss and vinegar and is still an Exodus “classic” to this day. This was also the original album title prior to using “Bonded By Blood.” Any finally you have “Strike of the Beast” which EXODUS usually closes their set with to this day. A great song with heavy kick drums and fast riffs.

    This album is so underrated by the overall metal community that it is criminal. This album clearly holds its own up against the debuts of SLAYER, METALLICA, ANTHRAX & MEGADETH but for whatever reason failed to garner the same success as these bands. I have over 2000 CDs and this one still makes it into my player at least one a week. A great album by a great band! Definitely one that I highly recommend!!

    Posted on January 28, 2010