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Bonded by Blood

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  • This is easily the best Exodus album and one of the best thrash albums ever.The riffs are awesome,the songs are catchy,and the drumming is awesome!Here is a track by track review:
    1.Bonded By Blood-5/5-Awesome song.Great riff,cool lyrics,great album opener.
    2.Exodus-5/5-Awesome song.Great follow up to Bonded By Blood.Has some really violent lyrics,so I wouldn’t listen if this stuff offends you.
    3.And Then There Were None-4/5-Slower than the first two songs,but still pretty good.
    4.A Lesson In Violence-5/5-My favorite song on the album.Awesome riffs and the best guitar solos on the album.
    5.Metal Command-2/5-My least favorite song on the album.Nothing special.
    6.Piranha-5/5-My second favorite song on the album.Awesome intro,and just an awesome song.
    7-No Love-3/5-An OK song.Has a cool acoustic intro and some cool riffs,but too slow and has some disgusting lyrics.
    8.Deliver Us To Evil-4/5-A pretty good song,but too long and has too many different riffs,and really evil lyrics.
    9-Strike Of The Beast-5/5-My third favorite song on the album.The fastest song here,and has some AWESOME drumming courtesy of Tom Hunting.Exodus usually closes wih this in concert.
    10-And Then There Were None-5/5-This reissue has 2 bonus live tracks.I like this version better because it has Steve Souza on lead vocals instead of Paul Baloff.
    11-A Lesson In Violence-5/5-Awesome live version.
    If you don’t have any Exodus,I’d definitely start with this album.

    Posted on January 28, 2010