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Bonded by Blood

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  • In my own little world this may be the single best album ever released, and it bothers me that so many reviewers feel the need to qualify their 5 stars with the THRASH label. Just as todays bands are jammed into little boxes marked “Grindcore” “Melo-Death” “Doom” etc, metal in the 80s was broken into ever fracturing sub genres. So Exodus was Thrash? So was D.R.I. and the two bands aren’t exactly identical. Metallica was Thrash? What was Slayer? Was Dark Angel Death Metal? And can someone please get out the Brother P-Touch for DEATH Angel?

    When describing any of these bands in the historical context of heavy music, labels are pointless.

    Exodus was the best at what they did. For one monster of an album they had no equal. If there were no Exodus then . . . . make up you own dismal 311 or Audioslave populated future here. The California bands were so intertwined in the early 80s that one without the other could have meant the existence of none. And without them Gothenburg would still be a picturesque city where people eat meatballs and listen to nothing but Abba and Ace of Bass.

    Bonded by Blood is one of the 5 most important heavy records ever made. You pick the other four.

    Posted on January 28, 2010