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  • This set is a tribute to Ronald (Bon) Scott who died tragically of Severe Alcohol Use. This set offers all of the best Early Ac/DC and Back in Black, one of the Best selling albums of all time. The first CD, Live in Atlantic studio’s offer’s 8 songs from a series of Radio Concerts AC/DC did at Atlantic studios, it has songs like Live Wire and Hell ain’t a bad place to be, as well as other AC/DC Classics. The sound quality is great. except for some parts where the master tape was destroyed. But theres only like 30 seconds of this and yo can hardly notice.the second CD, Volts, is a Collection of Rare Stdio and live Recordings, the two Live songs are Sin City and She’s Got Balls. My 2 Personal favorite songs on this CD are Backseat Confidential with the riffs from the recording Beating around the bush, and Its a long way to the top(if you want to rock and roll). i always laugh when i here this song becase of the bagpipe solos, you’d think AC/DC and bagpipes dont mix, but they made it work. The sound Quality on this Album is just like all their studio albums except the 2 live songs.The third album is Let There Be Rock (the Movie)live from Paris. I love this album which includes 2 CD’s. again in some parts the master tape was destroyed but you can barely here it, and its only for like 30 seconds. other than that the sound quality is great. It has Great songs such as The Jack, TNT, Let there Be Rock And whole lotta Rosie Back in Black, youd think, Why this? well i am glad they put it in because it compliments all the other albums because of its meaning. It was meant as a tribute to bon after he died. the songs are remastered on this one and it sounds even better than the first. And it has a different case and the cd looks different. the case is all black with the outline of “AC/DC Back in Black.” and the CD isnt pink and yellow any more. it is black with the letters AC/DC in silver and back in black in silver.lastly, the extras, it comes with a black Guitar pick that says AC/DC in white. A large sticke with the bonfire logo, an AC/DC bottle opener, a 2 sided posterone side has a large picture of bon, the other has Angus on Bon’s Shoulders, and a temporary tatoo that says AC/DC.and the book that it comes with is great the first half has motly quotes and a biography of the band and Bon, but it also has some great pictures of bon and the band. the second half is more quotes and pictures as well as copies of lyrics to songs in his handwriting.This has been one of my best investments. i would reccomend this to anyone who likes AC/DC. My dad has Back in Black and I listened to it and AC/DC is been my favorite band ever since. If youre willing to spent 60 to 70 dollars i say go for it. It is great for the Hard core fan or someone starting out who wants a good foundation to start on.

    Posted on January 12, 2010