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  • This trubute to there great singer who passed away in 1980 Bon Scott was a bit of a disapointment in one area!It is a box set containing 4 albums!LET THERE BE ROCK (live) – Is a great live show from 1979 in Paris. Which is the famous video every AC/DC fan should have a copy of on VHS and is asking for it to be put to DVD now! Thats not the downfall, that is a great album!ATLANTIC STUDIOS – This is a great small radio show they did in New York just after the release of Powerage, however the downfall is, there was two of these shows!….where’s the other one? There was another Live at the atlantic studios recorded the next year or so? so where is that show??? for the 30 minutes this show ran, they couldve easly fit that other show onto the same disc here!Back In Black – I know this is the tribute album they first made FOR Bon Scott… but what person doesnt already have this album???? Particuly seeing as how it would be AC/DC fans buying this box set, im sure theres not an AC/DC fan anywhere who doesent already have the album! let alone non AC/DC fans will probably have this album already in there collection somewhere! Why was this included?????Voltz – AC/DC said they tryd to find as much rare Bon material as possible….well, they didnt seem to look very hard! Not to mention that “School Days” may not have been released world wide, but has been available on the Australian TNT album since it came out in 1975! When they released this box set in Australia, they should have swapped “school days” for “love at first feel” which was not released in Australia!There are so many songs missing! and not just live performances!- Carry Me Home – for some reason has not been released on an offical album, it came out as a single, and is probably one of there greatest ever drinking songs that i’m sure had to be one of Bons favorites…why was it not included?- Cold Hearted Man – was released on POWERAGE only on certin rarer finds of an Australian Box Set of records of Bon and some parts of Europe on Powerage, but none the less, still should have been on this album instead of “long way to the top” which im sure every ac/dc fan would also have!Plus some songs have not been released outside of Australia! – Love Song- Stick Around- Rock In Peace (R.I.P)- Crabsody In BlueSo why did we end up with another copy of Back in black? and a few songs already available that everyone would already have had anyway???? where are those extra songs that arnt there? but can be downloaded easilly? Are we gonnah see a BonFire 2? or an Unreleased tracks album? because theres ten times as many unreleased Brian songs too!Atlantic Studios i give 5 starsLet there be rock I give 5 starsBack In Black is a 5 star album, but gets no stars for beeing in this box setand volts looses stars for not beeing complete with the stuff we really wanted… 5 stars for the great un heard material! but loosing 2 stars for including songs we all have, and for not including more!

    Posted on January 12, 2010