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  • Bonfire is a fitting tribute to Bon Scott, one of rock’s most enduring legends. When Bon Scott left us on February 19, 1980; so did a part of AC/DC. Sure, Bon’s “replacement,” Brian Johnson, has gone on to record some classic albums with AC/DC, but the fact is, there is only one Bon Scott. Bon Scott was a character, and a believable one at that. Bon sang about partying, the road, and dirty women, just like countless other rockers, but unlike so many others, Bon Scott is the real deal, and it comes through in his delivery. Nobody was wittier, nobody was more mischivous, and no one can tell a story like the great Bon Scott. 1997 brings us a LONG overdue tribute to Bon Scott, a box set called Bonfire. This 5 CD set is awesome! The CD’s include: “Live From Atlantic Studios,” the “Let There Be Rock” movie soundtrack,(2 CDs), a Cd of demos and other rarities called Volts, and the only questionable entry in the box set, “Back In Black.” Which is AC/DC’s first album without Bon, and is dedicated to him. Sure, “Back In Black” is a bona-fide classic, but what AC/DC fan who is willing to dish out $65 for a box set doesn’t already own “Back In Black?” A much more suitable replacement would be a CD containing some of the Australian only tracks, such as “Crabsody In Blue” and “R.I.P.(Rock In Peace)”. Fortunately, “School Days” is included in the Volts CD. Overall, this box set is a MUST HAVE for any AC/DC-Bon Scott fan. If you don’t own it, what are you waiting for, buy it- NOW!

    Posted on January 12, 2010