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Born Again

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  • This live concert recording captures the sold-out Radio City Music Hall performance of former Black Sabbath rockers Ronnie James Dio, Vinny Appice, Tony Iommi, and Geezer Butler, who reunited under the name Heaven and Hell in 2006. Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: MUSIC DVD Rating: NR Age: 603497992447 UPC: 603497992447 Manufacturer No: 243708


1996 reissue on Castle featuring their top 40 1983 studio album remastered from the original master tapes and with faithfully restored artwork. First released on Warner Brothers, it contains all nine original tracks, including ’Zero The Hero’, ’Stonehenge’, ’Disturbing The Priest’ and’Digital Bitch’. Essential. 2001.

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  • The original vinyl version didn’t have the best sound but unless you’re hung up on Ozzy being the only real singer of Black Sabbath you will probably love this album.

    A couple of the songs grab you instantly but this is one of those albums that ten listens into it some of the other songs like Keep it Warm will be your favorite.

    Don’t buy just one download – this is an album in the classic sense – buy the whole thing or you will be missing out.

    Posted on November 18, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • this wound up being just a one album deal with ian gillan taking the mike after dio left. this is often overlooked release in the sabbath cannon, but it rocks. sounding sometimes like sabbath and sometimes like deep purple this remaster sounds a lot better than the original.

    Posted on November 18, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • In my opinion,this release saw Sabbath at their musical best.Yes Dio quit and the fans were unstable but man..what a dark and dep album.The sound is dark and heavier than ever. Gillan was awesome on this album and did an outstandingly evil job of making this album a true Sabbath release.
    Yet different,it remains a true Sabbath cult classic only for those die-hard fans,of which I am. I can understand the people who do not like this album. The boys hadn’t lost the edge until after this album.

    Posted on November 17, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Black Sabbath’s 12th official album Born Again was released in September of 1983.
    The album was the first album since vocalist Ronnie James Dio and drummer Vinny Appice left to form Dio whilst mixing the 1982 double live album Live Evil.
    After the departures of Dio and Appice, original members guitarist Tony Iommi and bass player Geezer Butler got back temporarily drummer Bill Ward and got Deep Purple veteran Ian Gillan to record an album which has been both cheered and jeered by Sabbath fans and/or critics. Was the album a masterwork or was it garbage, read on and find out(as I did when I first bought the album on cassette(Warner Bros issue) in June of 1994 at the behest of my best friend Dennis’ father(who liked both Sabbath and Purple) and subsequently on remastered CD).
    We open the album strongly with the thundering first single Trashed which sounds somewhat of a cross between Neon Knights and Paranoid with Ian’s classic scream at the beginning and end of the track. Ian’s voice singing, howling and screaming all works well on this track and Iommi’s solos just kick ass here. We follow with the first of two eerie instrumentals called Stonehenge which acts as an intro to the sinister, off-beat, mid-tempo Disturbing the Priest. Butler’s pounding bass and Iommi’s riffs blend with Nicholls’ dark synthesizers superbly and Ian’s voice goes from singing to screaming and his sinister laughing. With its obvious religious theme, Disturbing the Priest is probably the most typical Sabbath-like song on the album lyrically speaking and how high Gillan can scream is amazing, especially his evil laugh at the end of the track. The Dark follows and is another instrumental interlude which segues into the Sabbath classic Zero the Hero, which was a classic Iommi riff which was inadvertently borrowed by Guns N’ Roses for Paradise City and this track was one of two tracks where Ian did not scream and Iommi’s solo on this track is haunting.
    The almost-anthem-like Digital B**ch kicks the second half off and picks up the pace that was on Trashed and was a great rocker and Iommi’s solos on this track and Gillan’s vocals just were amazing. The epic title track track to Born Again is next and is a dark and harrowing number featuring Iommi at his bluesiest on the track and Ian’s vocal range goes from low to high back down and has some screaming. We then rock out again with Hot Line which reminds some of Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water and is a great rocker. Iommi’s playing and especially solos on this track rock and Ian sings and screams throughout the song. The melodic, hard-rocking Keep it Warm closes the album on a slowish note but a great song. Ian doesn’t scream here and Iommi as always served up a tasty solo on this track.
    Born Again hit #4 on the UK album chart and cracked the US Top 40 and did fairly reasonable though critics panned the album. This album is a must and was Sabbath’s last real album until 1992’s Dehumanizer.

    Posted on November 17, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This is one of the most enjoyable albums from Black Sabbath, Ozzy even says so! Just like another legendary U.K. band Deep Purple, they made a great album without Gillan and Blackmore called “Come Taste The Band,” well Sabbath did the same, without Dio or Ozzy. But of all people, Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan!!! The voice of Jesus Christ Superstar. A strange pairing, but it really does work. Born Again is much closer in spirit to the early 70’s albums with Ozzy, and Gillan comes off sounding like a mad man, and a drugged up party animal leading Sabbath’s original trio down a path of true hard rock high jinx. I find that I reach for this Sabbath album more than any other, not because I’m a Gillan fan, but because of it’s inspired vibe, which gives the very best Sabbath albums a run for the money.

    The only thing holding back the album from 5 stars is the muddy sound quality. Gillan blames bassist Geezer Butler for this. Story has it, Gillan heard the rough mixes (and still has them) and they sounded great, then Gezzer mixed the album with way too much bass. The remastering is actually pretty good, cleaning up some of the problem. Hopefully one day it will be re-mixed, or Mr. Gillan will release the earlier mixes.

    Highlights: Trashed, Disturbing The Priest, Digital Bitch, Born Again & Keep It Warm

    Born Again
    ~ Black Sabbath: 4 1/2 stars

    Posted on November 17, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now