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Born in America

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  • I always thought this album got a bit of a short shrift with fans for some reason I’ve never been able to figure out. Maybe it was the terrible, boring cover. Whatever the reason, this, without a doubt was their greatest moment. If you liked Fire Down Under and Restless Breed, then you should love this, as it basically combines the great songwriting of “Fire” with the heavier sound of “Breed”, then turns it up a few more notches after that. “Heavy Metal Machine” was the fastest, most intense pure headbanger they had ever done by far up to that time. “Vigilate Killer” slams. Rhett Forrester’s voice is much more agressive and less bluesy than on “Breed”. I suppose it’s personal taste, but although I like Guy Speranza a great deal, I always preferred Rhetts gruff, ballsy voice to Guy’s more “Arena Rock” soprano. This is a great, metal album. Even a 20-something friend who likes nothing but thrash and metalcore heard “Heavy Metal Machine” and said “Wow, that was pretty intense” Not bad for an early 80’s track.

    Posted on January 21, 2010