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Born Too Late

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  • Teeming with an abundance of distorted, wah-wah pedal, tidal wave of slow-motion catharsis, California’s Black Sabbath derived hippy weed worshipers, Saint Vitus, released this moody monolith in 85′. Many metal fans were unable to relate to its mastodon pace and counter culture themes of alienation, and the hardcore/punk crossover crowds found it laughable. It’s what made BTL so unique; its self awareness was soulfull, heavy, at the forefront. I was one of those long haired weirdos who got it when it came out because by the pyschedelic pink cover with its cobwebbed crucifix stain-glass window, I knew it would smoke, and it sure did {I’m no autograph hound, but Wino signed my vinyl copy} I only break it out once in a blue moon as it represents something I more so related to when I was younger. The emotions conveyed reduce it to takes-one-to-know-one status; you either immediately love it or hate it. I ended up having it tatooed on my arm, ha …inked, and to beat out a rhythm. It’s the personal element that makes this record so powerful; if you ‘got’ it, you took comfort in knowing there were others out there who felt the same way, and that they blasted out tunes that resonated with a lost breed. Vitus was born too late, yet, were oddly ahead of their time as their music, and this record in particular, turned out to be far more influential than I’m sure those guys ever dreamed of in their wildest hallucinations.

    Posted on February 14, 2010