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Born Too Late

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  • Not only is Saint Vitus the best band in the world, this is the best album that they ever released. Every song here encapsulates the vibes of isolation, of being completely outcast from everyone, even when in a crowd. At the time of the LP’s release(1986), Vitus were the only band playing slow, heavy music, fitting into neither the “speed-metal”/thrash scene of the era, nor into the “glam” metal camp. They carried with them a vibe of late-1960’s pschedelia, a sound and look from a lost era. Wino’s vocals lend a sense of desperation here that Reager’s vocals, although perhaps “technically” better, never could carry. And Dave Chandler…absolutely the best guitar player of all time. No one employs wah, phaser,flange and feedback as well as Dave can, not even Leigh Stephens from Blue Cheer. His leads, freaked-out and frantic, cut away all the “precision and technicality” that marr most “metal” guitar solos. He has the ability to make his guitar “talk” in a way that no other guitarist can. Dave is the man!The rhythm section of Mark Adams(Bass) and Armando Acosta(Drums) are absolutely dynamic, solid, yet creating angular tangents that do more than merely support the root of Dave’s guitar chords, lending a simultaneous sense of stability and uncontrolled chaos to the maelstrom of heaviness. Vitus are a unique entity in the music world, often imitated, but they will never be bettered. DOOM OR BE DOOMED!

    Posted on February 14, 2010