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Born Too Late

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  • These days there are truck loads of bands using the old Sabbath formula, but no band does it as well as 80’s indie doom masters St.Vitus.I got this album 15 yrs. ago and was floored not only by its heaviness of sound and mood, but by its honesty.Metal,like most male dominated music,tends to reflect an alpha male attitude,lots of macho agression, it reflects the way men are conditioned to think, value and behave in western capitalist culture(or reflects the sympotoms and outcomes of a culture that values winning, high gloss, and greed above all else) Vitus breaks from the stereotype,their sound is very heavy,masculine,creepy and desparate-yet there are vast differences between masculine and macho, desparate and depraived.These songs are S L O W dirges that deal with addiction, depression, and loss.War Starter deals with mans penchant for competition(war)cold apathy for lives lost and humanity itself, and the foolish reliance on so called leaders and groups.The reoccurring theme of this album(and most Vitus albums)seems to be isolation.Not belonging.The opening song, the title track, starts out “Every time I’m on the street, people laugh and point at me,they talk about my length of hair and the out of date clothes I wear”-this held more relavance in the 80’s, but it still rings true today.Vocalist Wino said it was a song for all the people(metal fans)who stayed heavy-remember, back in the 80’s,metal sold out,went the way of tight pants and hair-do bands playing top-40 ‘party’ metal.The nineties saw metal sell out to funk, alternative(whatever thats supposed to mean) and now hip hop/rap, so it does’nt surprise me to see this album, this band, talked about in reverential tones among todays underground metal fans.Considered a ‘high’(bong)water mark among the 11 Vitus albums/ep’s,Born Too Late is the poster child for todays stoner/doom metal scene.

    Posted on February 14, 2010