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  • You are reading this, I hope, in order to decide whether or not to purchase this CD.
    You are probably inordinately familiar with the album. It is an album, like “Rumours” or “Saturday Night Fever” or “Frampton Comes Alive”, which captures and defines the best and worst of an era. It sounds like nothing else of the time.
    Sure, it has a little Queen, a little southern boogie, a little ELO even…but it’s a “Boston” sound, through and through.
    There’s no need to address the individual songs.
    You know them. You love them. You have them memorized.
    You know that the end of the album gets a little weak, but you probably kept replaying that one side anyways. Or at least MOST of the time.
    So, the BIG question is…how well is the remastering done?
    Well, you know how some remastering cleans things up with such detail and precision you feel like you are in the studio?
    Or they expand the soundstage that you can “see” the players in their respective position?
    Or the studio trickery comes alive inside your headphones, making your eyeballs swirl?

    Not here. Which is perfect.
    What Scholz and company have done is restore and preserve the original warm sound. No more pops, clicks or scratches. No more tape hiss from your old 8-tracks or cassettes.
    The album never sounded “live” to begin with. There are no dramatic swoops, no bizarre effects.
    The songs are mixed as a whole. Vocals are overdubbed, guitars are processed…this is not an attempt at reality, this is rock and roll fantasy.
    And as such, it works phenomenally well. The instruments are warm and clear. The vocals soar operatically.
    You’ll sing along in your car or on your iPod in embarrassing fashion, and you’ll air-guitar about half a dozen times. You won’t be able to resist.
    You’ll recall all the fun you had in the seventies, and none of the bad fashion or haircuts.
    Time to buy now. Have a nice day!

    Posted on January 3, 2010