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  • Contrary to some other comments about Tom Scholz not liking the remastering job he did on the first two albums (he was referring to the Canadian release which also had bonus tracks and was NOT remastered by Scholtz), Scholz is pleased with the latest re-release. The Canadian release has some bonus live tracks. Scholz was pretty horrified with the sound on the re-release and after hearing them he contacted Sony (he hadn’t been contacted before the re-release. They agreed to let him remaster the material himself.

    “Boston” sounds terrific correcting issues with the sound. The result is that the drums have more punch, the vocals are up front and there’s better depth, definition. The artwork has also been updated with two brief essays one by Scholz discussing the recording of the album and another by Rolling Stone writer David Wild. The credits for who played on what appear for the first time correcting a lot of myths about the album.

    The packaging is nice with a booklet and the CD sitting in a digipak holder. A great debut album finally gets a worthy CD release.

    Posted on January 3, 2010