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  • After hearing their new album, have a nice day, i can definitely say that this older album was actually far better, and ranks along with the best bon jovi albums like new jersey, these days and keep the faith.

    this album is optimistic, rocking and uplifting and sounds better than any rock album in recent years.

    a track by track review:

    Undivided – 4 stars
    a good opener for the album

    Everyday – 5 stars
    further propels the album with its fantastic hooks (they sound more metallica than bon jovi in many songs on the album)

    The Distance – 4.5 stars
    sounds similar to love me back to life. a typical bon jovi song, but sounds inspiring

    Joey – 3 stars
    i didn’t dig this song. it is supposed to be like levon but levon (which jon bon jovi sang) is far better

    Misunderstood – 4 stars
    another typical bon jovi song, mid tempo, but not bad
    All About Lovin’ You – 5 stars
    i hated this song at first. the chords sounded just like never say goodbye. but after watching the fantastic video, this song has become my favourite song on the album. kind of pop, but simply great!

    Hook Me Up – 5 stars
    it rocks! fantastic hooks!

    Right Side of Wrong – 5 stars
    another typical bon jovi sounding ballad. however, the lyrics and the vocals simply blow me away

    Love Me Back To Life – 4.5 stars
    midtempo anthemic rock

    You Had Me From Hello – 4.5 stars
    another typical bon jovi sounding mid tempo song. it is quite good, however.

    Bounce – 5 stars
    it simply rocks! i just can’t get the verses and the chorus bbbbbbounce out of my head.

    Open All Night – 5 stars
    another typical bon jovi ballad..i love it because of the sincerity of the vocals and ritchie’s backup

    well, what more can i say, most rock albums are lucky if they have a couple of five star songs. this album is totally loaded with them.

    unlike these days (which was introspective, and really good), keep the faith (which was a collection of experimental songs), and crush (powered by its my life), bounce really rocks hard, the hardest i have heard bon jovi play. at the same time, there are some mid tempo songs and tender ballads. this is truly a great bon jovi album! Highly underrated! highly recommended!! buy it if you like rock music

    Posted on December 26, 2009