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Break the Cycle

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  • ……1. Open Your Eyes-Love the instrumental, the verses have a sick way of getting into my head and staying there. The chorus is so-so, but the song is definitely one of the better songs.2. Pressure-great song, verses and chorus are melodic and go together nicely. A good song to use to introduce someone to Staind.3. Fade-One of my favorites. The chorus is incredible and I simply can’t get enough. The song never gets old.4. It’s Been Awhile-Eh…i loved this song to death, but it got overplayed. Not the song’s fault, however.5. Change-At first I liked it, but now it just seems mediocre compared to the rest of the album. The verses are still good though!6. Can’t Believe-I didn’t like this song, but you must hear the MTV Unplugged version of this song–damn incredible..7. Epiphany-Everyone’s favorite…=)8. Suffer – The verse’s lyrics are kind of weak, not because I can’t relate, but because one or two lines don’t flow real nice..chorus is very catchy and melodic, and surprisingly optimistic9. Warm, Safe Place – I love the bass line and the guitar melody but the song itself is weak. 10. For You-Ahhh, another incredible song. The whole song is well-rounded, very enjoyable if you hate your damn parents sometimes!11. Outside-Definitely much better than the live version. Still as every bit captivating as it was.12. Waste-Ah damn, now this is intense. About a fan’s suicide…the verses, drums, and guitar melody are captivating, but the chorus is kind of weak. Wait till you get the parts after the second chorus…i almost fell over when i first heard it13. Take it-Good song, but not much to really say about it…I do like how it ends though !All in all, its an incredible CD, but the number one thing to remember about it is to listen to it over again even if you don’t like it. I hated it at first, but i listened to it again two weeks later and I haven’t stopped listening to this incredible album. If you’re one of those people who hate albums just because you can’t relate to their lyrics, then this album isn’t for you. But its people like you who destroy great bands. If you enjoy an album because of what really matters, the MUSIC, then you’ll love this album.

    Posted on March 11, 2010