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Break the Cycle

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  • Ever have a CD that you never really fully listened to when you first bought it? You know, sometimes you get that album for some specific songs, play those songs again and again, then forget about the rest of the album later. This has happened to me a few times, being that I have a very short attention span (gotta love the pure wonders of television, folks!). I’ll listen to certain songs again and again, then forget about the rest of the album.This was the case with Staind’s album, “Break the Cycle.” There were a few songs that I’d listen to again and again, then not pay any attention to the rest of the album. This was not the band’s fault at all. Just my own weak attention span. Well, after finding this CD in a pile of others (ones I don’t even listen to anymore), I decided to pop it in and give the entire album a good listen. I was completely surprised by the results. It was as if I was hearing the album for the first time–well, in a way, I was.All of the songs are well balanced with emotions such as sorrow, anger and sadness. The lyrics are very powerful and strong, while the singing and the music is overall excellent. Each song has a feel and look of its own, which is important to create a successful album, as these guys have. While it’s not quite as heavy as their past efforts, this album has plenty of anger and rage within. There are songs that are heavy while others are more mellow and somber. You’re never facing overkill with a certain song style. While I love the entire album, my favorite songs are “open your eyes,” “fade,” “it’s been awhile,” “suffer,” “epiphany,” “for you,” “waste” and “outside.” Those are my favorites, but the entire album is a great listen. The band has really grown with this release, and it’s very clear from the play list that is delivered on this masterpiece.If you’re looking for something that is evenly heavy and mellow at the same time, you should definitely give Staind’s “Break the Cycle” a chance. And if you’re like me by already owning it but never gave it a proper listen, be sure to do that as soon as you can. This is a fine and outstanding effort from a very talented band that knows how to deliver power and emotion with each song. -Michael Crane

    Posted on March 11, 2010