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Break the Cycle

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  • I don’t think I’ve ever bought a cd as good as “Break the Cycle”. Aaron Lewis has such a good voice and such a good scream (“Change”, “Can’t Believe”) All the songs sound different and are well written by Lewis. Songs like “Epiphany”, “It’s Been Awhile”, and “Safe Place” remind me so much of my girlfriend, Brittany, and they are just a pleasure to listen to. Though I have to admit this album by Staind isn’t as hard and heavy as their other 2 cds, songs such as “Suffer”, “Pressure”, “Can’t Believe” and “Change” definently makes you want to thrash your head back and forth. Very emotionally driven and shows Aaron Lewis sharing his angst about his broken family he had to grow up with. I’m adopted so I can relate to alot of what he sings about like being ignored, never given much attention, shouted at consistently and other sh– like that. The drummer is excellent, the guitar riffs are awesome and the singing by Aaron Lewis is some of the best I’ve ever heard (Nickelback, slightly better) Well, if you havn’t bought this masterpiece of alt-metalhard rock, do it ASAP! Peace.

    Posted on March 11, 2010