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Breaking the Chains

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  • This is the start of a great run from 1982-1988 Dokken in my opinion were one of the top 5 bands. Ok now the album

    1.Breaking The Chains- 10/10 Great catchy title track that is still played live. Nice lyrics here and of course good vocals. Nice solo by George Lynch to go along with the good catchy riff.

    2.In The Middle- 10/10 Great track very reminiscent of Rainbow in the 80’s. The softer section adds a nice feel to the album. A great solo by George too of course. The catchy chorus of “In The Middle” work very well too.

    3.Felony- 10/10 Excellent bass line and great vocals by Don Dokken. Nice little solo by George and some cool screams by Don Dokken.

    4.I Can’t See You- 10/10 Another good track here. Great catchy chorus A nice fast paced 80’s style song. Cool synths on this song too.

    5. Live to Rock (Rock to Live)- 10/10 great fast paced Van Halen type song. eddie Van Halen type solo too by George Lynch. A great anthem that should have beena hit.

    6.Nightrider- 10/10 Nice fast paced fun song with a great solo by George. Not too much more to say but this song rocks!

    7.- Seven Thunders 10/10 One of the best tracks here with the overdubbed vocals and amazing screams by Don Dokken which are very reminiscent of Glenn Hughes!!! Awesome shredding by George Lynch in the solo!

    8. Young Girls- 8/10 The riff is the same as Looks That Kill by Motley Crue on the Shout At The Devil album which came out the same year. Not one of the better tracks but still a nice song. A very good solo by George Lynch again.

    9.Stick to Your Guns- 8/10 Another Van Halen type track. Actually this sounds like it could have been done by Van Halen. Don Dokken actually sounds a lot like David Lee Roth. George Lynch’s harmonized leads are cool too.

    10.Paris Is Burning- 10/10 This is a live recording. This is one of the best songs Dokken ever did!! It features over a minute of George Lynch shredding by himself at the beggining!!! A lot like Eruption! The solo is amazing!!! A great rocking riff too. A great scream before another jaw dropping solo by George Lynch! Great chorus and lyrics too. And Don Dokken’s closing scream is incredible which he holds forever! Don’t miss out on this track! It’s worth the price on it’s own.

    Dokken’s debut is still great 25 years after it was recorded…(it was released in 1981 in Germany and in 1983 in the US). The album is softer than there other albums and the production isn’t as good but still this is one of the better albums of the 80’s.

    The band is

    Don Dokken- Vocals, Guitar
    George Lynch- Lead Guitar
    Mick Brown- Drums
    Juan Croucier- Bass, Vocals

    Posted on December 28, 2009