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British Steel

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  • British Steel is a classic Heavy Metal album from Metal’s mid period. Judas Priest was the band that really bidged the gap between 70’s doom laden metal and 80’s Speed and heavier Metal…Iron Maiden/Metallica…etc.Let’s start with the albums strengths….Early Speed Metal….Rapid FireMetal Classics…….Metal GodsHidden Gems……….The Rage/SteelerHeavy but up-beat tracks…You Don’t have to be old to be wiseRadio staples….Breakin the Law/Livin After Midnight.At one time I was reluctent to re-visit this album becasue the Radio songs, along with the anthem UNITED seemed so over-played and dated…..however, the re-mastered preduction seems to breath new life into these tunes.The down side is that the two “Unreleased tracks” are quite unremarkable…The live version of Grinder is pretty cool, but the track Red,White, and Blue is horrible….Also, I refrain from giving more than 4 stars, because if you are not a fan of the Heavy Metal of that period, this album is probably not for you…..However, if you love Priest and have never picked this up on CD or then definetly but the re-master over the original CD release, becasue the sound is far more crisp and heavy…..Priest,Priest,Priest,Priest!

    Posted on December 1, 2009