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  • This album hits your serotonin receptors like an atom bomb. It’s damn near impossible to listen to this whole thing without rocking out to the beat or singing (screaming) along. Genevieve Williams describes it as a placeholder. It’s not. It grinds Pretty Hate Machine and The Downward Spiral into the dust with blasting guitar noises and soul-wrenching rhythms. It’s all the quality of a normal-length CD concetrated into an EP.No, I’m not a sales rep, but if you’re even considering buying this album, you want it. You’ve been needing it for years to fill that empty gap in your life… You know, that gap a lot of us tried to stuff with trite nu-metal garbage and jerking off… “Broken” is a confrontation with the naked id — an album for a dysphoric world, for beautiful destruction, for screaming at the top of your lungs at everything and nothing, for fear, for angst, and somehow — for hope. Even as galaxies collide, supernovas explode, and the universe shatters, there is a phoenix hidden in the flames on the album cover. When we have reached the bottom, there is nowhere to go but up….Alright, maybe I’m over-dramatizing. Maybe I *am* a sales rep =). Maybe Trent Reznor is just trying to capitalize on a vast teenage market of angst-turned-commercialism. Nonetheless, this is still the perfect album for when you’re angry, upset, depressed, or confused like so many of us are. Works better than prescription medication. Reznor may repeat many of the same self-destructive themes in his songs, but guess what? So do we in life. “Broken” brings to consciousness that relentless voice inside our heads that tells us to screw everything and just let it all out. By the time I’m done listening, I have nothing left to vent.More to the point, if you enjoy loud, engaging, sonorous mayhem, this album is for you. I consider it Reznor’s best work to date. Listen. Rage. Repeat.

    Posted on November 30, 2009