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  • IF the industrial genre tag should ever be applied to NIN, it should be on this album only. Dark as hell, heavy beats, lyrics surrounding torture, and thrashy songs all make this album amazing. The Skinny Puppy and Ministry influences can be heard througout, and Trent hits the Nail on the head (sorry for the pun!)

    You can listen to this album every day for weeks and not get tired of it. Happyness in Slavery is my personal favorite song of the album, it’s angry and sexy at the same time. However every song on this album is stellar, including the bonus tracks (Trent’s cover of “You’re So Physical” is awsome)

    After listening to this go download the Broken movie if you want to really see how pissed off trent was when he made this, it’s still the most disturbing music video I’ve EVER seen.

    Posted on November 30, 2009