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  • This debut is just excellent, straight forward, hard rock! When the chorus of the first song is “I love the cocaine”, you know how these guys are gonna rock. I got pretty tired of all the cookie-cutter bands of the late 90’s, but these guys just laid it down, and have a great sound. Though most of the disc rocks hard, they toss in “For the Movies” and “Borderline” to show us that they’re not just a one-trick pony. Any fans of “The Cult”, “Black Crowes”, “Stooges”, and yes, “Guns n’ Roses”, should dig this. Cool cover art too.

    Posted on November 30, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • …but my well is dipped and dry today. Buckcherry is the best rock band of the nineties. I support this statement with this list of facts about buckcherry:They dont use a turntable, so they are oldschool rockersThe lead singer can wail but can also sing a ballad (a la Aerosmith)the guitar is crunchy and rhythmic. the album is just one big party of an album. how cool is that? 12 songs clock in at something like 50 minutes which isnt bad length wise and there are some quality songs on the disc. get it now and try it out. even if you dont like it now, you will in the future. promise.

    Posted on November 30, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Back in 1987, a hard rock song called “Welcome To The Jungle” by a band called Guns N’ Roses hit the airwaves. I was instantly blown away. 12 years later, after enduring a decade dominated by alternative and “grunge” music, I turn on the radio to hear an amazingly catchy, hard-rocking song named “Lit Up”. All I could think was who on earth is this, and how rocking is THIS? Again, I was blown away. For sure, this debut masterpiece by Buckcherry does not disappoint if you are a hard rock fan. After “Lit Up”, two equally rocking tracks follow–”Crushed” and “Dead Again”. The fourth track, “Check Your Head”, is the first hint of a pace slowdown; but the message is serious and the vocals are searing. “Dirty Mind” absolutely rocks again, while “For The Movies” slows things down again but just a bit. If you like balls-to-the-wall hard rock and miss the glory days of Guns N’ Roses (which to me is the “Appetite For Destruction” album only), this album will be a refreshing change from most rock releases by “new bands” in recent years. For younger folks who listen to this and like it, this might help you understand why “old folks” like myself miss the “heavy metal” days of old.

    Posted on November 30, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This CD, this band is amazing. In a musical landscape filled with boy bands and hip hop, Buckcherry blazes brightly. They dare you to ignore them…and if you do, you do so at your own risk. If the first track “Lit Up” doesn’t make you get off the couch, gnash your teeth, and play savage air guitar, then call the mortician…’cause you’re dead.

    James Green, author of “If There’s One Thing I’ve Learned.”

    Posted on November 30, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Buckcherry’s first record proves that the guitar is not dead and, in fact, is making a definitive comeback. With their guitar driven rythems and the tenacity of Josh Todd’s vocals, it reminds me of what rock and roll used to be, hard and with attitude. Buckcherry, you could say, is a cross between the Black Crows and Guns and Roses. I hate to typeface bands, but others need a comparison. Just about every track is well written with the height of the recording being Dirty Mind, with it’s wonderfully written guitar rythem and solo. It has the hard edge that most bands now a day stay away from, but with a blues edge. Buckcherry has again re-entered the guitar driven, blues rock with an edge that hasn’t been around since the day’s Axl Rose was storming off stage in a huff over the champaigne that was delivered to his dressing room. Enjoy.

    Posted on November 30, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now