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Building Empires

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  • This is exactly the same as the VHS version. Nothing new has been added. I would have given it 5 stars but I would have prefered to have the “Queen of the Ryche” video included instead of one of the 2 “Silent Lucidity” versions but it is still very good. “Scarsborough Fair” from the MTV Unplugged live session would have been nice but the 2 tracks they did include from that are great. This also contains commentary by members of the group. has not included the track list so I’ll put one here. I wish Queensryche would re-issue the OOP “Live in Tokyo” from “the Warning” tour concert on DVD, “The Prochecy” from that is on here.Building Empires:1) Nightrider (video), 2) The Prophecy (“Live in Tokyo” video), 3) Gonna Get Close to You (video), 4) Eyes of a Stranger (unreleased video version), 5) Empire (video), 6) Best I Can (video), 7) Silent Lucidity (video), 8) Jet City Woman (video), 9) Another Rainy Night (unreleased video version), 10) Another Rainy Night (video), 11) Anybody Listening (video), 12) Resistance (Live), 13) Walk in the Shadows (Live), 14) The Thin Line (Live), 15) Take Hold of the Flame (Live), 16) The Lady Wore Black (Live), 17) Silent Lucidity (Live), 18) I Will Remember (MTV Unplugged Live), 19) Della Brown (MTV Unplugged Live)

    Posted on December 13, 2009