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Building Empires

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  • I give this DVD 5 stars because it shows the humble beginings to the awkward incline to the top. It emcompasses all that with interviews(not with all the band unfortunately), videos and stage performance. Not too many people get what I get out of this band, which is too bad for them. These guys are incredible, period. Looking for songs that will motivate, create passion, create deep thoughts, or just plain ROCK OUT TO. Its one stop all the way here. You get Silent Lucidity, The Thin Line, Best I Can, Eyes Of A Stranger. The only gripes is that they didn’t expand on the material since the VHS version. They should have included more extras, interviews and maybe videos expanding into the Hear in the Now Frontier(which I do enjoy!)-IF THEY MADE ANY VIDEOS, you wouldn’t know it from the crap MTV/VH1 forces down everyones gullets now daze. As you can tell, I really love these guys. I am from Seattle and if you ask me, they gave birth to the Seattle music scene explosion. But I guess the corporate music puppitiers thought it would be easier to “control” herion addicts like Curt Cobain and Courtney Love than to promote a band with real talent AND with something to say… Think about it people-KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN !

    Posted on December 13, 2009