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  • Oh my. This album is the heaviest album I have ever heard. The whole album sounds like this – imagine having your feet glued to the ground and a giant 8 ton rock is slowly crushing your body. Pretty damn heavy, right? This album makes Black Sabbath sound like The Beatles. And I LOVE Black Sabbath!

    But seriously, folks. You have to get your hands on this album. And I HIGHLY RECOMMEND LISTENING TO THIS ALBUM IN A ROOM AS DARK AS YOU CAN GET IT. Turn it way up. Wayyy up. The experience might frighten you, but it is soo great. There were times during the album when I just had to shake my head in disbelief – this is TOO heavy. How can people make music like this?

    Let’s take Boris. Massively heavy riff repeating throughout the song. And Dale Crover’s drums is basically one big fill. You actually cannot tap your foot or bang your head to this because of the magnificent Crover. Just try to, then give up, frustrated.

    Other brilliant tunes include Anaconda and Ligature – just BRUTALLY heavy. It’s Shoved has the same riff as Nirvana’s “Milk It”, except theirs has pauses in the riff, this one is just walking. This album came out 2 years before they did Milk It, so… Zodiac and Your Blessened are good. Buzz does some good tortured vocals on one of these tunes (can’t remember actually, too busy drooling over the heavy guitar and bass). If I Had an Exorcism might be the tortured vocals one, actually. I THINK IT IS. That one is short, I believe. Your Blessened is good. They all are. Cow is one of the standouts – one of the best drum solos I’ve ever heard. However, ‘Toad’ and ‘Moby Dick’ are better (even though they both are the exact same thing – hooky pop riff, really long drum solo, hooky pop riff.) This thing is just massive pile of sludge riff and awesome drum solo. Dale Crover is not a fast, extremely technical drummer like Neil Peart (wanker). Frankly, Crover could kill him. Dale is just wailing on the drums. He’s like a heavy handed brute who’s been given a drum set and some sticks.

    Brilliant album. If you like music that’s so powerful you might get scared, buy this. Hell, if you have ears, buy this. Or download it, or get it burned from one of your friends, I don’t care. ACQUIRE THIS ALBUM.

    Posted on November 20, 2009