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  • Was I listening to too much Led Zeppelin when this came out? And why did I have to discover this now? This album is a MUST OWN! I did’nt know David Coverdale (Yep, THAT one, from Whitesnake) fronted Deep Purple, and not only that, but another equally great singer, Glenn Hughes, SHARING vocals.Where was I? How come stuff like this is not done today? Are the good days truly behind us? Stand out tracks which make this a MUST BUY alone are ‘Burn, Lay down stay down, What’s going on here, and ‘Sail Away’. Sail Away is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. A truly great song, and a beat so……..wicked and menacing in your face.I am already looking at buying Stormbringer, DP’s follow up to this album.’Stormbringer’, ‘Soldier Of Fortune’(Which is I think IS a better song than Stairway to heaven) and ‘Holy Man’………Need I say more?

    Posted on March 14, 2010