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Burning Japan Live 1999

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  • Tracklist: The Immortal, Dark Insanity, Dead Inside, Diva Satanica, Pilgrim, Silverwing, Beast Of Man, Bass Intro/Tears Of The Dead, Bridge Of Destiny, Transmigration Macabre, Angelclaw 11 tracks: 2 from “Black earth” (only ! ), 3 from “Stigmata” and the rest – 6 tracks from “Burning bridges”. Total time: 48:47 This, limited to Japan only, CD sounds good, audience is great, but there are too much songs from the latest (and the weakest IMHO) album. I think this show is short. Too short. This CD should cost [less]…. There are some PC files on the disc (short interview, some live shots, pictures) PS. I’ve found Arch Enemy/ Cathedral bootleg called “Black birth machine” (2CD) from Osaka 97. It’s better than “Burning Japan”…

    Posted on January 23, 2010