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Burning Japan Live 1999

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  • This live CD is great, except for two things: only 11 tracks for such great presentation, and BURY ME AN ANGEL is missing(I’d rather prefer less songs from the last album and more from the first and second). This Toy’s Factory Edition presents a case with a really big double-sided poster, and extra booklet for Japan with lyrics, notes and history of the band,in english and japanese. The main booklet comes with lots of photos on stage. It comes, also, with a four-minute CD-ROM track where you’ll find live video cuts, backstage, recording sessions, and M.Amott and S.D’Angelo in Studio Fedman giving us their opinion about this live album, and presenting Fredrik Nordstrom. Arch Enemy sounds killer on stage. Johan sings with a death metal voice instead his thick heavy voice that we’re used to. It seems a great crowd and a great show. The other guys simply sound and rock like hell!!!!! If you’re an Arch Enemy fan you should get this CD. Those $36 will be very well spent.

    Posted on January 23, 2010