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  • If you read the reviews on Amazon you’ll notice many people will exaggerate the merits of an album, perhaps even myself occasionaly. However, I make this statement with full conviction: This is one of the most intense records ever made. Not in terms of volume or speed but of sheer, brutal intensity. Varg is by far the most disturbing vocalist and I’ve ever heard and maybe the best black metal vocalist ever. The instruments are minimal and raw, you won’t find any ultra technical drumming or fancy riffing here, yet it is brutal in it’s simplicity. Besides less stuff going on in the background leaves more room for Vargs ungodly growls and that isn’t a bad thing. I guess this album isn’t for everyone. If you have to have your black metal perfectly produced and laden with keyboards, solos, etc. this isn’t for you. And some people can’t see past the things Varg has done or said. I don’t agree with everything he has said or done but this is a review about the music, not the man. Buy this today if you think you can handle it.

    Posted on December 21, 2009