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  • All perfect terms to describe this album. Burzum’s first album (plus Aske ep) would be the type of things many BM bands (many in the US) would later try and copy, However, here is the originial! Varg, has to be one of the greatest BM vocals ever, up there with Ihsahn, Nocturno Culto and Daemon. Sometimes, with “grim” Black Metal, the lyrics can seem forced and cliche, exspecially depending on the vocal delivery of the vocalist. However, with his vocals, he could be singing nursery rhymes and he could still convince you. The guitars, not too hard (never said it had to be the hardest thing to play to be great.) the same story for everything else. Easy t o play or not, the must is still great in my opinion and this is one of the 20 most mandatory Black Metal albums ever recorded. You can just feel the pain and suffering in this album. You almost feel dirty after listening to this. To touch on another subject many others have, yes I think Varg has now become a childish, racist neo-nazi jackass, not to mention a murderer. All of that pushed to the side though, this is still a classic album and influenced many many bands within the genre.

    1. Feeble Screams From Forests Unknown (7:28) The cd starts with about two seconds of filthy keyboard notes before going full blast into one of the best songs here. With a simple yet memorable guitar riff going through most of the song, then once Varg kicks in on vocals the song goes to another planet. Great way to kick off an album. 5/5

    2. Ea, Lord of the Depths (4:52) “The Head is a Head of a Serpent
    From its Nostrils Mucus Trickles…
    The Ears Are those of a Basilisk
    His Horns Are Twisted into three Curls
    The Body is a Sun Fish, Full of Stars
    The Base of His Feet Are Claws
    His Name Is Sassu Wunnu
    A Sea Monster. A Form of Ea”

    With lyrics like that, you know you’re in for a cold song. This song is spell binding and not one to soon be forgotten. 4.5/5

    3. Black Spell of Destruction (5:39) Starts out pretty slow and mellow for a Burzum song, right before the drums kick in a little faster. Then it settles again into a single guitar riff before retuning back to the style played in the intro. Which makes varg’s voice all the more haunting. 5/5

    4. Channeling the Powers of Souls into a New God (3:27) An almost “beautiful” electronic interlude. Worth giving a few listens, repetitive though.

    5. War (2:50) DOn’t et the prior song lull you into a sense of security because the next song is like an audio stab to the neck. With the most memorable guitar work on the album, you feel as if you’re going to War! The best here. 10/5

    6. The Crying Orc (0:58) I’m dissapointed this is only an interlude because the guitar riff used in it was quite good and could have been made into a majestic song. 4/5

    7. My Journey to the Stars (8:10) If grim BM isn’t your thing this song is going to infuriate you. long and repetitive are good ways to describe this one.The guitar riff is impressive and so is everything in general. One of the best songs here. Mandatory listening here. 5/5

    8. Dungeons of Darkness (4:52) Another interlude, stupid and pointless ?/?

    9. Stemmen Fra Taarnet (6:09) Well, this song has alot of f*cking attitude! I’ll tell you that much. COming in with an almost “grim” punk influenced riff. A really simple song, still good though. Just not the strongest song here. 4/5

    10. Dominus Sathans (3:04) Starts out with an eerie and creepy riff. Some strange and low gibberish begins before a classic Varg screech ins unleashed upon your ears. Then the riff g oes on ti’ll the song plays out which is pretty pointless. ?/?

    11. A LostForgotten Sad Spirit (10:52) Second best here and a classic Burzum track. Longest song on the album. A feeling of being lonely is foundsomewhere between the gritt and filth of this song. 5/5

    So, to end this. If you love this style of Black Metal, or want to give it a taste, this is a great place to look. Enjoy.

    Posted on December 21, 2009