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  • Varg really is a genius. Not a fantastic musician, but considering he plays drums, guitar, bass and does vocals, he does pretty well. As a drummer he’s good, I like his style, but he plays kinda sloppy here and you can hear mistakes. As a guitarist, he’s not technical or fast, but the way he writes this incredibley simple music is just awesome. The feeling he puts into everything is unparalleled by ANY black metal, even Darkthrone. That being said, Burzum is very Celtic Frost influenced, and incorporates Doom Metal into his music. The production is great, you can hear everything ace, except for the bass. One thing I haven’t mentioned is the vocals, which are the most original vocals ever. They are unlike anything. Varg screeches and screams with so much feeling.A couple of songs are fillers, but this album is still damn excellent. I like the way some of the songs are catchy aggressive and beautiful in different spots in each song. Overall the song quality os excellent and almost every song is great. You have to get this cd, black metal fan or doom metal fan.Highlights would be Spell of Destruction, War, Crying Orc and My Journey to the Stars. Highly recommended along with all the other Burzum releases.

    Posted on December 21, 2009